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About Linder Street Brewing

Linder Street is a small, handcraft brewery with the mission of bringing smooth, clean, flavorful beer to Northeast Georgia using all-grain brewing techniques with locally sourced products when available.
No malt syrups, condensed or artificial flavors, are ever used in our recipes.
Our tasting room provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for everyone to come and enjoy all the wonders that water, hops, grains, and yeast can produce.

About The Brewer

Tony Smith

Welcome to Linder Street!  I fell in love with the microbrew beers of the northwest while stationed in Bangor, WA aboard the USS Florida in 1990. During my travels in the United States and abroad, I learned to appreciate the different flavors of beer and how they paired with local foods. I’ve always been interested in science and cooking, and homebrewing quickly became a passion, searching for the right combinations of grain, hops, and yeast to provide well-balanced flavors. Now I am bringing these flavors to the people of northeast Georgia.

Nitrogen (N₂ ) VS. Carbon Dioxide (CO₂ )


The Texture

N₂ creates smaller bubbles which gives the beer a creamy texture and mouth feel. These smaller bubbles also produce a much thicker head on the beer.


The Flavor

N₂ is nonreactive with water giving a cleaner finish.
CO₂ reacts with water producing carbonic acid (H₂O + CO₂ = H₂ CO₃). Carbonic acid adds a slightly bitter taste to the beer.